10 Best Portrait Tattoos – Perhaps the best souvenirs

There’s hardly anything as special as a tattoo. Why not, tattoos are souvenirs that you carry all your lives and this idea itself is a big deal for almost everyone in their senses. Ever thought of getting a portrait done, ever thought of gifting something so special to a person close to your heart. Well, you’ll be amazed to see these portrait tattoos which are all done in someone’s memory or as a present to someone special. Here are the 10 best portrait tattoos in India done at Aliens Tattoo.

Brother portrait tattoo

Though not physically, this champ will always be with his brother
Losing someone at an early age is really tragic. Client lost his younger brother few days ago and wanted to etch his portrait.


unique lord shiva tattoo designs

A gift for his Father
This tattoo design is a customized portrait in which the client’s dad is turned into a medieval warrior.


unique lord shiva tattoo designs

An adorable gift for his son
Nothing explains the love a father feels for his son than this tattoo. Client got this tattoo done as a token of love for his little one.


Daughter portrait tattoo

In memory of her Daughter
Children are a beautiful blessing. This client of ours lost her daughter in an accident and thus, wanted to get her portrait done.


Wife portrait tattoo

Redefining affection
Here’s something that redefines love and commitment. Client surprised his wife by getting her portrait done. Its amazing to see such couples who still take such efforts and go out of the way to make their soulmates happy.


Father portrait tattoo

A portrait from a daughter to her hero
The relationship of a father and daughter is wonderful and ineffable. Father is the first love of every daughter, so his absence can be very hurtful. But as a remembrance client got her father’s portrait done on her arm.


warrior tattoo

This one’s a bit different than other portraits and their stories. Here, the face that’s portrayed in form of a spartan is client’s face itself.


unique lord shiva tattoo designs

The story of a special mother
Client got her son’s portrait done as an expression of her divine love and adoration for her special child.


Father portrait tattoo

A gift for his sweetheart
Taking extra efforts to please your better half is really applaudable. As in this case client went an extra mile for his adoration for her.


Father portrait tattoo

For his beloved Mother
This tattoo simply defines purity. The relationship of mother and son is the the most sacred, as the love is indefinite.


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