Art is subjective, but when the subject is the human body, there are only a few who can do complete justice to the art. 

about us aliens tattoo

Welcome to Aliens Tattoo

A unique tattoo studio where art is elevated to a personal expression that is born within the mind and soul, but comes alive in vivid form and colours on your body.

Previously enjoying patronage under the banner of  B Tattoo, the studio now known as Aliens Tattoo, a much bigger and elaborate venture, enjoys the distinction of being one among the finest tattoo studios in the city. The brainchild of Sunny Bhanushali, Aliens Tattoo caters to a wide clientèle, and offers exquisite tattoo service by adhering to the highest standards in safety and hygiene, that has always been the hallmark of its operations. Unlike many tattoo parlours in the city that are fly-by-night ventures, and often patronized by brash teenagers and rowdy elements, Aliens Tattoo studio is a fresh perspective on art, it’s scientific approach towards, and application on the human body – a personal expression zone where one is only limited by one’s imagination.

Founder and Visionary

Sunny Bhanushali has over ten years of professional experience in the business of tattooing and this is evident in the kind of work that Aliens Tattoo has come to be associated with. A painter by hobby, skilled in visual and fine arts, photography and digital arts, and with a penchant for understanding how best to transfer striking images and symbols on to the human body, Sunny Bhanushali has painstakingly built a commendable reputation in this rather nascent industry. Under his vision and direction, Aliens Tattoo continues to keep raising the bar on innovation, quality, safety, dependability and customer service. He has already embarked on designs for a tattoo institute in the near future, which will enable exposure and recognition of this intricate art form, and invite aspirants to become professionals in this field.



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