Are you in a right state of mind for your new tattoo

After a long research and experience I found that most of the people tend to rush to get inked and some people are not in the right state of mind to get tattooed….. Getting tattooed is a very serious thing and should never be decided on the spur of the moment, those tattoos almost always end up being a regret or a “what the heck was I thinking” tattoo. If you don’t want to fall in that category than listen up….

  • First and foremost you should put some serious thought into making the decision to get a tattoo. Flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to getting inked isn’t a very good idea. Tattoos need to be thought out and researched. Understand the reason behind your tattoo, If you don’t have any idea about what to get inked than do some research on Google, check out with your friends who got a tattoo on their body or visit couple of tattoo shops and talk to real tattoo artists about what to get. Think on a concept or a theme and not just the tattoo design for example Zodiac signs, Religious Tattoos, Bio-mechanical Tattoos, Love, Abstract etc.
  • Secondly, you need to make sure you are in the right state of mind. Getting a tattoo because you are mad at someone and want to do something to rub in their face is no reason to get a tattoo. Moreover, you need to make sure you are alcohol and drug free, those two elements do not mix well when one is getting a tattoo. They can cause you to bleed more and cause the healing process to take longer or complications to occur during the healing process.
  • Lastly, being in the right state of mind will help you be able to cope with the pain better. When you sit down to get your body art  you should be well rested, in good health, and clear headed. It is also important not get a tattoo when you are depressed or having just experience something traumatic or life changing.

If you have any confusion or questions or doubts about your new tattoo you can contact me anytime or drop in a comment or a message and I will revert asap.

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  1. Manu

    Hey hi….m from Kerala and m currently completing ma MBBS in China…since last few months m so much in love with the tattoos i see around……finally i hve planned to get one but i still could not find a good person to sketch wats in ma mind……… theme is some what a SUN and a roaring lion in the center with an AUM somewhere inside it … would be nice if u could help me with some contacts of artist in south India most prefarably Kerala and Bangalore….and pls i need the good fellas only….nt the ones who cheat people………………tht doesnt matter bcz u will be in contact wid all d good fellas…so waiting for a reply……………………….

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