The Asian Age (Mumbai Age) – 14th July, 2014

The Asian Age
Inked For The Future
At a time when tattoo art in the city is witnessing a radical growth as an industry, popular tattoo artist, Sunny Bhanushali believes that the creative side of it is stagnating more than ever.
In an effort to consolidate the community of tattoo artists, Sunny, this week will be conducting a workshop in which he will not only share techniques developed by him but will also attempt to cultivate the culture of innovating in art in the minds of young and aspiring tattoo artists.
Telling us about what he thinks will be the chief takeaway for participants from this workshop, Sunny says, “A completely different mindset altogether is what we are trying to inculcate in these young artists. There is a lot of money and commercial growth in the tattoo industry now. But if tattooing has to grow holistically, these next generation artists need to be cultivated creatively and that is what we are trying to accomplish here”.
With over ten years of experience in tattooing, Sunny has also been on international tours to Europe as a tattoo artist. Having already created a popular base in the city for tattooing in the city through his studio Aliens Tattoo, Sunny however expresses that there is nothing special about his art except for the fact that he is constantly learning.
“Artists these days often think that their art is not good enough. They think that it will become good if they learn some advanced techniques or get some costly
equipment. But this whole notion is very wrong. Each and every tattoo artist has his own style which cannot be accentuated or developed through external resources. Development in art has to first come from within” says Sunny, who has this time roped in yet another popular artist Mukesh Vaghela to participate in his upcoming workshop.
While he feels that the industry is doing well monetarily, Sunny explains that once the industry gets legal recognition, it will become a lot more streamlined. “Above everything, even the art, is hygiene. A tattooing studio is much like a dispensary, because getting a tattoo is akin to a medical procedure. And naturally just like how dispensaries need a license, tattoo studios too need to be given one. However, as of now the government has not recognized this industry as separate from the beauty and cosmetics industry. This has led to a number of artists not giving priority to hygiene and there are even those who operate independently without even a studio and carry their equipment in a box. They have zero accountability. But this will change if the industry is recognised. And in my workshop, one of the major stress points will be hygiene and safety.”
About who this workshop is meant for Sunny says, “We have designed this workshop for young budding artists who feel that they are stagnating. They might be making money as everyone is making money in the industry, but their art has become saturated. Nobody is helping these artists, which is why we have taken up the mantle to make sure that the future of this industry is shaped in a better way. As a disclaimer, I would say that this is not a workshop where you can learn tattooing in one or two days. This is above all a collaborative effort, wherein we will share our style and techniques and will help these artists to get ahead.




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