A Souvenir from Nepal Inked Tattoo Convention 2016

What a wonderful and momentous week! Nepal Inked Tattoo and Lifestyle Convention absolutely slayed this year. And being held at Kathmandu and that too in a open space, made it even more crazier and divine.

A Beautiful Memory, a Souvenir from Nepal Inked Tattoo Convention
As a new blaze trailed on 2nd September, 2016, the hustle-bustle increased gradually and iridescent artists from around the globe evoked to set their temporary tattoo temple. By afternoon everything was calm as a sea but tattooing was at its zenith. The metal music lifted the spirits of the ambiance by inducing the adrenaline rush. I reckon Day 1 was a thorough bombshell! Day 2 started with a peaceful drizzle which served like a tranquilizer to the sun scorched folks. It was a bit more busier than day 1 because along with the tattooing events, there was prize distribution ceremony. And I am obliged, they bestowed me as the winner in the category of “Best Realistic Tattoo”. I will definitely cherish it forever. It was fascinating to meet some highly creative blokes from various streams of art and craft.

My workshop was set a day before the convention and to my surprise the response was joyous. Initially I thought there would be a language barrier but eventually everything gelled out great. I shelled out absolutely everything I know about Portrait Tattooing and hopefully proved useful in clearing the doubts and myths which my fellow mates had. The entire clan was bare humble and helpful, it was mere teamwork! Simultaneously we exchanged our reflection and perception on tattooing. I learned a lot about the style and work pattern of the undisputed art and tattooing from the Nepali comrade. It was overwhelming to witness the love they showered on my artistic approach. I am glad to have had such beautiful experience.

Due to a tight schedule I was not able to stay long, but in the foreseeing future I will be looking forward to visit Nepal again and hopefully imbibe tinge of their approach and understanding of tattooing. I am overwhelmingly grateful to the man of the hour, John Ma, to Kovit for helping me out with everything, to Helena and rest of the team for being marvellous hosts to make this event a great show and making my short trip memorable 🙂


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