Best Tattoo Learning Experience at Aliens Tattoo Workshop

Aliens Tattoo Workshop
A successful voyage with the ‘Alien’ kind
As the sun rose from its slumber, on 23rd of February a new light seeped in ultimate glory. It was the 6th Workshop of advance tattooing. Students from all around the nation walked through the doors of Aliens Tattoo Studio in Malad creating a disturbance in the forces that restrict the tattooing industry.


There was an awkward buzz as students interacted with each other and there was a multicultural exchange of thoughts and ideas from across the nation and beyond. They all slowly settled and then sunny started speaking, ideas flowed out of his mouth and touched the deepest corners of their soul. Coming from humble beginnings, he knew what he was doing. When he was young and thirsty for knowledge, one door after another was shut on his face. Right now, at that very moment, he was breaking apart those doors. There was intensity in his eyes and his heart was beating fast. He took hold of the crowd and took them away from their past. Giving what he wasn’t blessed with for a long time, he created a paradigm shift in their hearts. He didn’t talk about the techniques of tattooing, but something more priceless than that.

Aliens Tattoo Workshop


He introduced different concepts from his philosophy in life, that have brought him onto this stage, hoping that those gleaming eyes of hope looking at him catch on and improve their quality of life. He talked about being a successful and satisfied person first as it was with his life, that was the primary. Sunny showed them the path, it involved working hard and doing what was right. He had a funny example to go with it too, stating that of people will huge bellies wanting to look like models and movie stars but failed to do so cause they lacked the habit of action. He went on to the power of will and making commitments with one’s self and acquiring knowledge to get there. But out of all the soul searching points he made, what really moved the audience was the last one. The fundamental idea of “giving”. He proclaimed to be financial, intellectually and emotionally satisfied, one must practice the art of giving. The audience was stunned, it just didn’t add up for them. How can subtraction lead to addition they thought, it defined their basic logic. Sunny smiled as he knew their minds weren’t opened yet and he was going to do just that. He explained to them the idea behind the workshop, and how him sharing this knowledge created a positive influx of his own. Their minds were slowly opening up and he knew that well. He introduced to them the idea of not being afraid of challenges. Taking the example of one of his own students, he explained to the audience why working on a nine to five job that was paying well was worthless if it wasn’t something that person enjoyed and loved. Sunny himself had left a highly lucrative job to follow his passion, there was a time when he was broke and beaten but he refused to give up and it was that struggle that has made him who he is today. He motivated the audience to take a calculated risk in life and not be afraid of the outcome. After an entailing session, it was time for some questions and answers, the audience took some to open up but when they eventually did, their most unanswered and deepest queries got a solution.


It was then time for Mukesh ‘s black and white portrait. He chose an amazing picture of the legend, Michael Jackson and began to work his magic. After a really short Stenciling session where he explained the basics, it was time for the actual tattoo. Students surrounded him as he began etching this great performer on one of Alien’s students thigh. Mukesh had a specific approach to teaching and didn’t speak much. Instead, he wanted students to observe and learn while diligently replying to any query that they might have. The well-equipped workshop also had lived streaming footage of the whole tattoo process displayed on to a huge LCD for better viewing comfort. Apart from that students were provided with amazing cuisines taking care of breakfast, lunch and dinner so that they could fully concentrate on learning. The day came to an end as did the tattoo. This beautiful masterpiece stood in its glory while being a medium through which dozens of students gained insights into the process of making a black and white portrait. After that, Mukesh took a session on the tattoo machine. Explaining different aspects of how to use the tattoo machine in the best possible way along with its technical anatomy.


The last day of the workshop was filled with excitement, Sunny was going to do a colour portrait. Even for a man of his caliber, it was a challenging task. The way the colours mixed and to get the technical aspects of the artistic piece wasn’t easy. He started with a short informative session on different needle sizes and uses, answering any technical queries therein before starting with his tattoo. He meticulously created a detailed stencil and set out to create this tattoo. Taking a full pallet he wove his magic and colours came to life. He was softer hands on the machine and that really helped his subject stay calm for the hours the tattoo was in process. He then reached the part where he did the eyes, they were just so perfect. They gleamed out of the portrait and if you looked for long enough, they seemed almost too beautiful and real to be created by any mortal. Through this tattoo, sunny taught the audience and his students the importance of patients and of doing to the right thing even if it took a little more time. Sunny, couldn’t finish the whole tattoo because of the time constraints on the workshop and moreover because wanted to create something even more special and doing something in haste is not from his philosophy of life. Sunny always takes the time to do what is right when it comes to his art, things like money and recognition don’t matter then and in the complete irony that attitude itself has given him both.


There was a short selfie session where everyone was taking pictures and saying their goodbyes, they each carried a nag with their certificate and a book gifted to them by sunny. But what you couldn’t see in that bag was the revolution that they took home with them. An experience they would always remember and a spark that has changed the course of their life. It was a sentimental moment as they walked through the doors now. It had been a great experience and sunny’s voice echoed their souls. A new beginning was in front of them, and with every step that they took, they were moving towards their new destiny.


Mukesh Waghela

This is my personal review for the workshop, as a guest artist. A big thanks to Sunny ji. I hope all the tattoo artists got to learn something new from me and the host, Sunny. All the arrangements were top notch. Hotel was good too.
My favourite part of the workshop was when all artists ran out of questions in the end and then Sunny still asked if someone has any questions, and everyone was quiet. All artist got their answers.
It was an amazing workshop. Beautiful memory. Thank you.

Kamaldeep Singh

Brilliant efforts, awesome team work by Aliens. Indeed very informitive n good humanbeings. God bless them all.

Jay Soni

Sunny sir and mukesh sir…Really a great guys u r…Ur attitude towards all the artists is just osam…Workshop was at its best…Its gona definately change our way of tattooing and many more things….The service provided by u guys was 100% satisfactory to every1…The things u gave us in the amount of feez discused was way lot more then that…The knowledge u guys gave was not comparable with any amount of money… N ya it wont b possible without ur team ….Also thankful to Allen sir, sameer sir , maddy sir … Aliens rockes…
waiting for the next workshop…
Guys who missed it …Better luck next time…Guys who Attained …Best of luck for great future…God bless u Sunny sir n mukesh sir…U guys are my Idol…
Aliens Rocks

Jyotendrasinh Gohil

Hello Sir, Attending your workshop helped me learn many new things. I was in love with the art of tattoo but now after attending your workshop tattoo has become my passion. Till the date whatever mistakes I had made, that have come across my knowledge of this art and I have started working on that to make it much better. Thank you for conducting such a worthy workshop which gave boost to many new ideas.

Harsh Mehta

First of all i would like to thank amazing team of alienstattoos. I would specially like to thank Sunny sir and Mukesh sir for d amazing sessions of tattooing. This is one of the best initiative that Sunny sir and Mukesh sir taking to improve indian tattoo industry and new artists’ skill. I surely tell you that everyone have now different view about their work as well as tattooing. First 2 hours was just amazing and life changer. The one word from Sunny sir that sticking in my mind every moment is “SHARING”. Hats off to Sunny sir, Mukesh sir and the whole team of alienstattoos for best arrangements and full support and friendly atmosphere.
Thank you so much for everything.

Krutika Bhanushali

Being a part of aliens’ team has been an amazing experience.. it was a great time interacting with all the artists during the workshop.. all of you who were here for the guys have given us a lot to remember.. and a salute to my mentor, Sunny Bhanushali. You are truly an amazing person.

Ravi Madavi

Sir, Superb workshop ..very powerful words.all concept properly clear. Thanku so much


A huge thanks to Sunny Sir …Mukesh Sir and the entire Alien team for conducting this awesome seminar. .
Every thing was very well taken care off..
Alien tattoos left no stone unturned to give us the best not only in terms of tattooing but in life itself.
The first 2 hrs session of Sunny Sir was so motivational and a real life changer and has changed me to be a better person.
Watching Mukesh Sir session was treat everything was explained in detail especially his session on coil machines.
It was an awesome experience for me being at the seminar and will surely be back for the next .
Thanks to the alien team for bring in this change .

Sukanya Roy

U r a leader sir. Tattoo industry in India will rise and shine coz we have people like you who is willing to spread knowledge. Thank you so much for your motivation. I look upto your creativity. Thanks once again.

Carlton Fernandes

The 2hrs session given by Sunny on the 1st day of the workshop was for me the best part..its time to take our aim n goals seriously if we want to achieve what we really want…apart from this the various tattoo machine handling techniques was something which i learnt…thanks a ton Sunny for inviting me to your workshop..appreciate it…smile emoticon.

Anmol Jeswani

As I’ve already said before, Indian tattoo industry needs more people like Sunny bhai and Mukesh bhai, who are willing to share their experience over the years, helping fellow artist grow. Never did he try to hide something or any technique, in fact went a step ahead always in answering a query even if it was outside the courseware of workshop schedule.
The arrangements were far far beyond expectations. The hotel, food etc. One can easily make out this workshop is not being conducted for the purpose of making money but genuinely to help artists grow technically and yes mentally.
I shared a special bond with Sunny. Never did I felt the cliche awkwardness of a “teacher-student” relationship. We could converse about universe, life, consciousness which is…rare.
In short, it’s far more than a “tattoo workshop”.

Allan Gois

I would like to thank Sunny Bhanushali who has put in a lot of efforts to conduct this workshop. Whoever I am today and all my growth as an artist is due to this man. Thank you so much for your support. I had a great time with everyone.

Sonal Jagtap

To begin with, i would like to thank the whole team of Aliens Tattoo who have put in a lot of efforts to make the workshop a huge success. Special thanks to Sunny Sir and Mukesh Sir who were not only at their best but also very friendly. All our queries (however silly they may be) were answered. Workshop was on tattooing but by the end of it we all had a completely new vision to our lives. I was a lot into reading and drawing but had somehow not been able to do that for quite some time now…. but you have inspired me and i have started with both again. Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Sumit Fulgaonkar

Those 2 days were very useful I had a good time and got to learn lot of things it has changed my way of thinking helped me a lot to improve my work thanks to sunny sir and mukesh sir for sharing all those things hope for the guidance for the future.

Vicky Rao

It was a big time achievement for me to take part of this lovely thing…like emoticon like emoticon ?….and the most important to be appreciate is the talent in India which is being held by our Sunny Sir and Mukesh Sir….The guide lines which you both gave to all of us made us to go much forward from where we are and you people are surely going make our India to have bright look in the tattoo world……earlier I had many queries about tattoing now I have a blank page for the questions lis..frankly to say I’m eagerly waiting for the next seminar…hope that day come soon in my calendar….and last but not the least all the fellaz I met over there taught me a lot…thank you folks….

Manohar Koli

When i saw the students enter this workshop, it was like i had traveled time. All my success is due to such sessions and wonderful moments under the mentorship of Sunny. It was an emotional moment seeing students on a stage, i had been on and to see them grow in these two days..


more than only new tattoo techniques, the session taught us how to be more successful in the field of tattoo making. Your support and guidance will always help us in regard to achieve great hights.Thanks for spreading your knowledge and making us aware about alot of new things that we never knew about tattoo art.
Stay blessed
Sunny sir, Mukesh sir and your team ROCKS.

Shaikh Tattooartist

It was a great experience of being part of the workshop organized by Aliens Tattoo, it’s definitely took our skill to the next level, specialy thanks to Sunny Bhanushali sir and Tattooartist Mukesh sir and thanks for all things that you both are doing for our Indian tattoo industry… Thank you so much..

Qais Parker

An experience of a lifetime. Had a wonderful time with some really amazing people. It was insured that the facilities would be top notch and that promise was spot on, from LCD for a closeup view to the multi cuisine banquet when it was time for food. The most memorable part of this journey was perhaps the opening speech by Sunny Bhanushali. As a part of Aliens team, we got a lot to learn too. An opportunity like this is not to be missed, and that is all i can say to those who did.





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