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Find the right Tattoo Artist for your tattoo

There are big tattoo brands/shops in Mumbai tattoo market, however the artist working under that brand/shop is the one who is gonna ink on you. So the point is that the artists in all the shops keep changing so you don’t know how is your new tattoo artist is gonna be.

I would recommend you to check the portfolio of the artist before you go to any tattoo shop because you are gonna have something on your body which is for life time and also you are paying good amount of money for it. So its better you to check profile and the portfolio of the artist who is gonna tattoo on you…..

There are couple of things you need to check with the artist :

  • First of all how many years of experience he has in tattooing
  • Approximately how many tattoos he has inked till date
  • Check his illustrations and sketches he had made for his clients, If he has none that means he cannot design a custom tattoo rather he would use references from the internet or tattoo books.
  • Check his portfolio and make sure he has done it and not downloaded from the internet to make his fake portfolio.

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  1. I’m in love with Your Tattoo Work Sunny. I’m a Tattoo artist in Chandigarh and I always get inspired by Your work, I’ve been Tattooing from the last two Years, How ever never got a chance to Meet you . Hope fully would get a chance to meet you soon.I would love your guidance on My Tattoo. I would really appreciate if you check my Work and help me improving my work. Thanks.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • javagreen (Author)

      Sorry for late reply as I have been travelling a lot. Thank you for your appreciation, I would also like to meet you some day. About me helping you to improvise your work, I would request you to come to one of workshop which I conduct once in 4 months on advanced techniques. you can see reviews on this link You can also buy one of the workshop DVDs.

      Thank You
      Sunny Bhanushali

      • Sure I Would love to join your Workshop.

        Thank You
        Gourav Mahajan

        • javagreen (Author)

          We are glad that you are interested in our workshops, Please call 9833065209 for more information on upcoming workshop.

          Thank you

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