Flawless Tattoo Cover Ups and Extensions at Aliens Tattoo

Regrets! Every person deep down wish that “what if this would have turned out differently.”Same with the tattoos inked on your skin, reasons could be anonymous, a faded regret, a long gone partner, the ever changing trends, etc. It could be a tattoo they got in the spur of the moment and have always regretted, or perhaps it is a poorly done tattoo. Maybe it is a tattoo that had a cliché meaning during a certain time in that person’s life that the person would rather forget. Don’t worry, we specialize in cover ups and extensions, to be sure you can check our cover up portfolio.


Raven with wings tattoo

Raven with Wings
This is an ideal example for Cover Ups. The immaculate details of the raven, successfully cover the previous ink on the skin. It is so subtle that the bold Old English alphabets bury inside the superficial wings.


Rage of Shiva

Rage of Shiva
The previously inked 8 inch long script got suppressed so easily behind the rage of Shiva Tattoo that even a tweak of it can’t be seen.


F1 Race Car Tattoo

F1 Race car tattoo
This client is a F1 car racer and wanted to get rid of the smudged car. The whole cover up is a free hand work except the script at the bottom. The meter extension gives a pace to the tattoo which in turn makes it more frenzied.


cover up abstract tattoo

Abstract Cover Up Tattoo
This one is also a free hand extension which has a realistic eye, a bird and a zest of dot work. It looks simple at the same time elegant.


Stars and dots tattoo

Stars and Dots Tattoo
The vibrant colors and fine work takes the initial design to the next level. The once faded artwork looks new as never.


Abstract Plane Tattoo

Abstract Plane Tattoo
This client is a pilot and honestly speaking his previous fighter plane tattoo was a disaster. The further extension of the tattoo adds furor to the plane, which lacked initially.


Demonic tattoo cover up

Demonic Tattoo
The initially done dragon with the skull has perfectly camouflaged under the demonic artwork. The dense beard cloak the tattoo and makes it a whole new tattoo with a polar concept.


essence of lord krishna

Essence of Lord Krishna
This cover up has been done very cunningly, keeping the size of the previous tattoo in mind, the artist has cleverly designed the Krishna. The eye on his head portrays the innocence of the entire tattoo.


Sun Tattoo Cover

Sun with Flames
The original sun tattoo has dimmed over time and also misses the punch of its ferocity. The extended flames roar the fury of the sun and clearly sends the message to the world.


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