Live Painting on First Day of Ganesha Festival

This is just pure awesomeness!!! Sunny Bhanushali did a ‘jaw dropping’ painting of Lord Ganesha using charcoal on paper. On this beautiful occasion of Ganesha Festival, Sunny, the Aliens King of Aliens Tattoo, thought of putting his madness on paper through his magical hands on the first day of festival, he started a live painting with a huge blank paper stuck on rough wall and some charcoal and cloth in his hands without any predesigned concept about the final painting. It took almost 9 hours to finish it. It turns out to be a mind blowing piece of art, I running outta words now, see it for yourself.


When we asked Sunny Bhanushali about how he is feeling about his creation, about his painting, this is what he said,

We are creative beings, the creators, the shiva, the god. When we are in sync with cosmic/universal vibrations we are in state of God and in that state you let it(yourself) flow through you, thats what is happening at Aliens Tattoo through me, I am Meditating.



Charcoal Painting by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo, India.


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