4 Important Benefits of Choosing a Tattoo Cover-Up

If you have a tattoo that dates back to a time or place you would rather forget, it’s not necessary to live with it the rest of your life. There are several options for dealing with an unwanted tattoo. One that a high-quality Toronto Tattoo Shop will recommend is a cover-up. Here are some of the benefits that you will get by choosing this solution.

Top 10 Books which helped me become rich!

“I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote is so true, believe me this is like a law of nature. Seriously, there is no other way. You will be successful if you read the right books, nothing can stop you, nothing!


Prismatic Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor Tattoos are becoming a rage among the youth as well as the elderly. The exhausted black ink has become so cliché that a considerable amount of people are opting for the colored ones. Watercolor tattoos are very radiant and flashy, so it suits well for people who like to showboat moreover it casts oomph to ones persona. So if you are looking for the dapper look of the color tattoos, we have strip down some great tattoos to give you a better sight. You can thank us later. :p

40+ Timeless Portrait Tattoos that will stun you! – Aliens Tattoo

There’s nothing greater than a Portrait Tattoo to immortalise a figure or say any imagery of your loved one in your life. Portrait tattoos have given mankind such tremendous potential of preserving ideas and they’ll continue to be a source of reverence to coming generations as well.

Like every other tattoo, there’s no limit to the creativity that adds up to the portrait and Aliens, also known to be best portrait tattoo artists in India, have proved it time and again.
These portrait tattoos have touched millions of hearts because of their precision and photographic fidelity. Keep scrolling to see some of the best Portrait Tattoos ever made.


Flawless Tattoo Cover Ups and Extensions at Aliens Tattoo

Regrets! Every person deep down wish that “what if this would have turned out differently.”Same with the tattoos inked on your skin, reasons could be anonymous, a faded regret, a long gone partner, the ever changing trends, etc. It could be a tattoo they got in the spur of the moment and have always regretted, or perhaps it is a poorly done tattoo. Maybe it is a tattoo that had a cliché meaning during a certain time in that person’s life that the person would rather forget. Don’t worry, we specialize in cover ups and extensions, to be sure you can check our cover up portfolio.
25+ best lord shiva tattoo

Best Lord Shiva Tattoos at Aliens Tattoo Mumbai

What could rival Lord Shiva’s persona and power. His aura has attracted millions of people from around the world. Getting a tattoo done of lord shiva is a matter of great pride in India. Imagine having a beautiful piece of art that symbolised something so powerful and unworldly. At Aliens Tattoos, we have taken our clients’ emotions into consideration and have come with some brilliant Lord Shiva tattoos along the way. At our studio, we do quite a few pieces on Lord Shiva but each Lord Shiva tattoo design signifies him in a different light and brings out a unique attribute of his persona. Here are some of our best Lord Shiva tattoos.

21 Emerging Tattoo Artists of India – Curated by Aliens

Body art to Indians isn’t new. We’ve been witnessing different forms of it since the beginning of the time. Today, it has evolved to such an extent that it’s potential has no boundaries. It wasn’t more than 10 years ago, when there were only a few tattoo legends who were well established, setting benchmarks for all the newbies in the industry. And now, tattoo industry isn’t just about those legends and their styles but so many emerging artists with their own styles who are doing wonders time and again.

Goa Tattoo Festival 2018

Hello folks, How have you been. We are so glad to be a part of this amazing Goa tattoo festival again. And this time we are on with full force with 4 artists in a triple booth space. Time to get some real ink on your skin from one of the best tattoo artists of India.

Aliens Tattoo in Bandra

Finally, the most awaited tattoo studio, is open to serve you all. Aliens are immensely gratified to announce the launch of our new studio right in your neighbourhood. This wasn’t possible without the love and blessings of our well wishers. There was over-whelming demand for this location from our fans, followers and respected clients which has now been established with a style.
find the right tattoo artist for you

How to find the right Tattoo Artist for your next tattoo

Hey! Glad to see you here, you definitely are curious about the whole tattoo thing or some of you must have already planned to get one. For some people, getting a tattoo isn’t a big deal, for some, it is as scary as going through a surgery. No worries, all you need is falling into the right hands, THE RIGHT TATTOO ARTIST!!! This blog will show you a clear picture on how things work and what all should be on your checklist. And for those who think it isn’t that big of a deal and are here somehow for some other reasons, well you should definitely consider reading this. You might come across a few crucial facts.

10 Most Creative Buddha Tattoos by Aliens

Buddha, founder of Buddhism, is accepted respectfully by every religion and almost every person on this earth because of its peaceful, blissful and pleasantful culture and conduct. You find Buddha’s impression in our day to day life. From the paintings to books, to cups and mats and matresses to clothing, everything bears an impression of Buddha and his teachings in the form of art. Today’s fashion world is trending with Buddha designs and imprints of Buddhism culture. Western culture has shown tremendous inclination towards Buddha and Buddhism.

50 Creative Tattoo Ideas for Small Tattoos

We thought of coming up with some beautiful, creative collection of small tattoos here. Small tattoos are very eye-catchy, minimalism is a new trend in tattoo art. People love to get simple yet creative and small tattoos instead of big tattoos. Most of the people have some story/reason behind their tattoo, some do it for remembrance, some do it for marking their achievements, some express love towards their closed ones, however most of these people would like to tell the story keeping the tattoo as small as possible.

How did I turn my passion into main source of Income

Do you like drawing. Were you good in art and drawing when you were in school. If yes, what did stop you from pursuing what you liked. What if you can rewind your life and choose art again. What if your passion (art) becomes the main source of your income. You earn doing what you like. Wouldn’t it be awesome to live to your passion. Let me tell you my life story.

Best of Double Exposure Tattoos

Double exposure is a very quirky yet intelligent style of art. As elegant as it appears the more difficult is to execute it flawlessly. The two different elements should fit like a glove to wholly cherish the uniqueness of this style. In case you are looking forward to get a tattoo and have the least knowledge about this style, you definitely should have a quick glance at the best double exposure tattoos done at Aliens Tattoo India.

Pune Tattoo Festival – Tattoo Convention 2016

Elegant Geometric and Dotwork Tattoos by Aliens

Demand for Geometric tattoos is broadening. Geometric and Mandalas tattoos are creating their own niche among the youth as well as the elderly. These Geometrical designs when unified with Realism and Abstract concepts does wonders. Currently geometric designs are at its zenith in the tattoo industry. Geometric tattoo is often a taste of a creative personality. The individuals who prefer to stand out from the crowd often opt for such tattoo designs. People wearing sacred geometry tattoos have deeper meanings behind them but sometimes it is for mere beauty. So people, its time for you to look beyond those old tribal tattoo concepts and be distinct from the crowd. And if such a tattoo is what you are looking for, we have made your lives more easier by posting a few examples down the south.

A Souvenir from Nepal Inked Tattoo Convention 2016

What a wonderful and momentous week! Nepal Inked Tattoo and Lifestyle Convention absolutely slayed this year. And being held at Kathmandu and that too in a open space, made it even more crazier and divine.

20 Best Tattoos In Mumbai at Aliens Tattoo | Best Tattoo Studio in Mumbai / India

We have worked on some amazing tattoos this year. We thought of picking up top 20 tattoos which have a great story behind it. So here we are with the 20 best tattoos in Mumbai done by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo Mumbai, India.
Check It Out
cute minion tattoo

18 Fabulous Tattoos For Girls That Will Stay In Vogue Forever

10 Best Portrait Tattoos – Perhaps the best souvenirs

There’s hardly anything as special as a tattoo. Why not, tattoos are souvenirs that you carry all your lives and this idea itself is a big deal for almost everyone in their senses. Ever thought of getting a portrait done, ever thought of gifting something so special to a person close to your heart. Well, you’ll be amazed to see these portrait tattoos which are all done in someone’s memory or as a present to someone special. Here are the 10 best portrait tattoos in India done at Aliens Tattoo.
geometric arm band tattoo

14 Flamboyant Tattoos For Men

Assurity! This word has become a commonplace in daily life. And why not, everyone deserves the best. Similarly, tattoos are becoming an integral part of displaying art which will define an individual for their entire life. So you clearly won’t want it to blemish your persona. Chaps! Be sure what you wanna get by having a look at the bombastic tattoos for men which will keep you in mod.
marilyn monroe skull
jessica alba tattoo
Bruce Willis Portrait

11 mind boggling movie character celebrity tattoos ever made

Movie characters have always fascinated and allured millions of people across the world. For some folks this adoration surpasses the limit beyond posters, social media and paintings and take a step forward to get them inked on their body. These characters play a very subtle role in our lives and prove to be an inspiration. Tattooing is a bold and a unique way to express love towards the characters that fascinates us. But the questions that mostly arise are, how are they gonna turnout? or How big it’s gonna be? So, in this blog we have made it easier for you to decide such factors by posting some character tattoos .
geometrical wolf tattoo
Geometric Armband Tattoo
metatron sequence geometric tattoo

11 Impactful Geometric Tattoos You Gotta Appraise

Demand for Sacred geometry tattoos is broadening. Geometric tattoos and Mandalas are creating their own niche among the youth as well as the elderly. These Geometrical designs when unified with Realism and Abstract concepts does wonders.Currently geometric designs are at its zenith in the tattoo industry . Geometric tattoo is often a taste of a creative personality. The individuals who prefer to stand out from the crowd often opt for such tattoo designs. People wearing sacred geometry tattoos have deeper meanings behind them but sometimes it is for mere beauty. So people, its time for you to look beyond those old tribal tattoo concepts and be distinct from the crowd. And if such a tattoo is what you are looking for, we have made your lives more easier by posting a few examples down the south.

Best Tattoo Learning Experience at Aliens Tattoo Workshop

As the sun rose from its slumber, on 23rd of February a new light seeped in ultimate glory. It was the 6th Workshop of advance tattooing. Students from all around the nation walked through the doors of Aliens Tattoo Studio in Malad creating a disturbance in the forces that restrict the tattooing industry.

Live Painting on First Day of Ganesha Festival

This is just pure awesomeness!!! Sunny Bhanushali did a ‘jaw dropping’ painting of Lord Ganesha using charcoal on paper. On this beautiful occasion of Ganesha Festival, Sunny, the Aliens King of Aliens Tattoo, thought of putting his madness on paper through his magical hands on the first day of festival, he started a live painting with a huge blank paper stuck on rough wall and some charcoal and cloth in his hands without any predesigned concept about the final painting. It took almost 9 hours to finish it. It turns out to be a mind blowing piece of art, I running outta words now, see it for yourself.
tiger sabertooth tattoo
ferocious tiger tattoo
realistic lion tattoo

Best of Cats by Aliens

Humans!! Greetings from Aliens. Hope you had an awesome day so far. Here we have something for you all, especially for tattoo lovers and cat lovers, Mind-boggling tattoos of carnivores cats by Sunny Bhanushali from Aliens Tattoo, India.
Roses in Invisible Triangle tattoo cute tattoo
Flying birds Tattoo
Butterfly Tattoo
infinity with feather tattoo cute tattoo

Beautiful Cute Tattoos by Aliens (Minimalism Tattoo)

Aliens are not just known for big tattoos. People love Aliens for their honesty towards creativity, it does not matter if it is a small tattoo or a big one. It has be unique, beautiful and perfect. Check out some really cute and beautiful minimalism tattoos by us.
shiv sati tattoo

Aliens Love Religious Tattoos

Aliens are about helping people express themselves creatively through their tattoo. When it comes to religious tattoos we put our heart and soul into designing some amazing concepts. Check out some jaw-dropping work by Aliens.

Do you know how much it pains while tattooing

Tattoo!!… is it painful? | Do you know how much it pains while tattooing???
It’s true that everyone has a different threshold of pain. What one person considers not painful at all could be devastating to another. Some people describe the feeling as a “hot scratch”. Some have said it was “annoying”. Most say it was not nearly as bad as they feared. But there is a little more than pain alone to consider when getting a tattoo.

Aliens Tattoo Work 2012

Welcome to Aliens Tattoos, a unique tattoo studio where art is elevated to a personal expression that is born within the mind and soul, but comes alive in vivid form and colours on your body.

This is our second portfolio video, hope you all like it.



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