Mortal Journey of Lord Shiva Tattoo
Mortal Journey of Lord Shiva Tattoo
Mortal Journey of Lord Shiva Tattoo
Mortal Journey of Lord Shiva Tattoo

Mortal Journey of Lord Shiva Tattoo

Mortal Journey of Lord Shiva Tattoo by Sunny Bhanushali at Aliens Tattoo Mulund. This is some extra-ordinary black and grey art work done by Sunny. The roots of the tattoo are very profound as the client wanted to dedicate this tattoo to his brother who recently passed away. He was very firm on getting a Lord Shiva art, as he is the ultimate master. So keeping the purpose in mind Sunny developed this powerful double exposure Aghori and Shiva design with geometry that the client immediately fell for.

The beautiful elements have combined together to structure a well composed adept piece. The hexagon at the bottom symbolize love, truth, harmony, reliability, equality and sincerity defining each of its sides. The contouring lines beside them are used to define edges and create boundaries of the elements in life. The intense figure in the center is a Aghori, an ascetic Shaiva Sadhu who is a self-restraint disciple of Lord Shiva and is indulged in attaining enlightenment. And at the top of his head is a figure of the commander himself, Lord Shiva, metaphorically relating to the client’s late brother set on a journey in heaven with peace and harmony.

It took 16 hours(one session) of work to complete this unprecedented art work. And with a lot of patience the final curtain was drawn and the client was left flabbergasted. Share it if you like it 🙂


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  1. Abhilash John

    Hello Team,

    I liked this art work very much
    I am planning to get this Tattoo may I know what would be the approx rate for this tattoo?

    • javagreen (Author)

      We are glad to hear that you liked our work. We request you to call us on 9833065209 or leave your number to receive call back to discuss further about your tattoo requirement.

      Thank you,
      Sunny Bhanushali.

  2. Nidhin

    Call me back 8157933692. I need to know more about this Shiva tattoo

    • javagreen (Author)


      Thank you for choosing us for your tattoo, my team will call you to discuss the tattoo details.


  3. Mahesh Perera

    Hi… im Mahesh Perera from Sri Lanka. Will you please give me your mobie number with interntional phone codes. I try to contact you with the number had given you on the previous comment. It didnt work. Thank you

    • javagreen (Author)


  4. Dr Vishnu

    I am interested in this work . Its amaizing. Can you please tell me how much time the artist needs to finish this work. I m ready for this

  5. Rajdeep

    Great work….send me some different Shiva or some unique tattoos..what about the rate for tattoos..

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