Flawless Tattoo Cover Ups and Extensions at Aliens Tattoo

Regrets! Every person deep down wish that “what if this would have turned out differently.”Same with the tattoos inked on your skin, reasons could be anonymous, a faded regret, a long gone partner, the ever changing trends, etc. It could be a tattoo they got in the spur of the moment and have always regretted, or perhaps it is a poorly done tattoo. Maybe it is a tattoo that had a cliché meaning during a certain time in that person’s life that the person would rather forget. Don’t worry, we specialize in cover ups and extensions, to be sure you can check our cover up portfolio.

Aliens Tattoo Work 2012

Welcome to Aliens Tattoos, a unique tattoo studio where art is elevated to a personal expression that is born within the mind and soul, but comes alive in vivid form and colours on your body.

This is our second portfolio video, hope you all like it.



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