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Why Us

Our Approach
For us its just not work, we take pride in the artwork we deliver. We encourage each other to achieve excellence and aren’t satisfied until we meet our personal high.

Our attitude
We are a team of professionals and always try to do productive things and not just try to make quick buck. We very well know how to trace your ideas on your skin and make you feel great about your tattoo.

Our unique skills
Over the years we have continuously added stars to our work. This was only possible to achieve because of our extraordinary skills. Aliens specialize in realistic tattoos which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Besides that we ace in color tattoo, geometric , dot work and abstract tattoos.

Our experience
To date we have successfully satisfied thousands of clients who wished for the best and got it. We have been running this studio for over 11 years and today it is at its zenith.

Our quality
We use this word quite often but here we mean it. Quality is our motto. From the high quality needles, inks to the high class equipment used at Aliens, everything is up to date. . And we continually evolve and adapt the best equipment in the industry.

Our Hygiene
Our workplace is often praised by our clients for its cleanliness and for the hygiene standards that we follow. Everything involved in the process while tattooing is either disposable or sterilized. This eliminates the risk of human errors and enables us to maintain high sanitation standards.

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We Are A Team of Amazingly Creative People And Known As Best Tattoo Artist In Mumbai

The creator, dreamer, achiever has swayed everyone’s mind in the art industry with his skills. Sunny’s forte does not only limit to tattooing and painting. He is an entrepreneur who developed this empire from scratch and today is a mentor and an inspiration for many budding artists. His art is now praised worldwide and has a fan base spread globally. His unique approach and never give up attitude has triumphed over everything.
Amy is a strong personality that drives the marketing and administration function. She is the person who stood by Sunny and played equal role in the upbringing of aliens tattoo. Today, being the senior manager at Aliens, Amy is ‘the one’ who maintains all the client relations with her extraordinary communication and managerial skills. She is the person responsible for developing Aliens Tattoo’s clientele. Be it advising the customers about the right artwork or their post tattoo queries, she proficiently handles them all with great dedication. Amy, with an ever smiling face is always ready to take up the heavy responsibilities of the studio.
Allan wears many hats at the studio, he is a professional tattooist, a manager and a digital wiz. He came across tattooing while pursuing his career as an animator. He loved art right from the start but there was something about tattooing that struck the perfect cord. Coming across sunny, he shared his interest and seeing Allan’s honest love and passion for tattooing, Sunny guided him and turned him into an Alien.

The process wasn’t easy but take a look at his art and you would know that it was worth it. Allan practiced day and night till he got his techniques right. Everyone has the art gene in them but Allan showed how beautifully it could be expressed. He has grown as a tattooist and an artist, coming from humble beginnings he has become an inspiration to those who think about embracing art but are too afraid to do it.

Being proficient in black and white tattooing, he has competency over advance techniques and does not phantom tackling bigger pieces. In the very start of his 20’s he has achieved a level that most tattooist don’t, even as they are half way down their careers. Meet him up at aliens studio and get something special done from this prodigy of an artist.

Manohar Koli
If Sunny is the commander of this Alien enterprise then Manohar would be the first officer. An artist who’s devotion to art can be seen through the caliber of his work. In a short span of time Manohar’s work has got a rockstar like fanbase in and around India. Growing up in Goa he soon learned about his passion for tattooing and followed this unbeaten bath. Yes, there were misfortunes along the way but his strong will kept him on track with his art. While on his struggle in this unforgiving industry he was spotted by Sunny Bhanushali.

Having an exception eye for talent, Sunny picked him up and let him grow under his guidance. After years of personal coaching, Manohar grew his skill set and understood a deeper realm of artistic knowledge. He has grown to be one of the finest experts in black and white tattooing, and has even entered the rare realm of color tattooing in India.

Being one of the few artist with command over digital art, with the help of the a wacom technology, he is breaking barriers in the art of design. Apart from this, he is also a master at line and dot work and intricate tattooing. Experience his work, love and passion first hand at aliens tattoos.

A prime example of what a little love, the right guidance and a lot of compassion can do to a person. Sameer has seen a lot of struggle in his life right from when he was a child. It has taken a lot of things from him, but what it couldn’t was his art and love thereof which came along with an unshaken hope. Running out from the confines that chained him, he saw a ray of hope at the aliens studio. They say reality is stranger than fiction, Sameer’s story was close to that of a thriller movie. Standing outside the studio day in and day out, till he was noticed by sunny and brought in to be made an alien, he earned his title.

As you walk into the studio you would see him engrossed into the world of sketching and digital art. He is the man who would take your deepest concepts and bring them to life. As a sketch artist he plays with higher abstract concepts and brings them to reality on the paper or the computer. His portfolio is awe inspiring and an inspiration to the very concept of achievement and art. Drop by the studio and have fun seeing your deepest thoughts with your very own eyes.


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Aliens Tattoo is one of the top-notch tattoo studios with best tattoo artists in Mumbai.


Don’t Just Take It From Us, Let Our Clients Do The Talking!

Miguel Garcia

I am a Tattoo artist in the US, I reached out to Aliens Tattoo for some insight on all their amazing tattoo work. I was directed to a wonderful link to see one of their artist at work. I am so pleased and continue to visit that site. I was also able to purchase an instructional DVD, that I continue to view and learn something from every time I watch it. It arrived faster than I thought it would. I’m on the other side of the globe! Thanks Sunny!
One of your biggest fans,
Miguel Garcia Jr.

Kunwar Amar Singh

It’s was a wonderful experience, Sunny and his team is brilliant, very creative and very talented, I met sunny and speak to him about my Tatoo, and he took my idea and created a damn good design, and also made all the changes according to me, and the time of a tattooing they were so nice, taking care of my food and everything, I totally loved and would love to go back again. Keep going guys

Anant Salgaonkar

Alien Tattoos is the best tattoo studio mumbai if you want to get some creative stuff inked on your body, Sunny Bhanushali is one of the best tattoo artist I have ever met, his detail tattoo work, energetic personality, creative vision and passion about tattoo will surely convince you that – you are right place, with right man for right stuff.

Akanksha Baadkar

Aliens tattoo was where my mum and me got our first tattoo! All i came with was a pinterest image that i liked. The artist at Aliens tattoo helped us craft a beautiful symbol with much meaning.
Thanks for making my first tattoo experience such a comfortable one! I loved the end result, still one of the best decisions I’ve made!
Cheers and wish them continual success!

Jack Lawrence

I’ve had multiple tattoos done at multiple tattoo places, but Aliens Tattoos has been, by far, the best I’ve been to.
Sunny goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. He’s designed his studio is in such a way that any fear or doubt you have about getting your first tattoo melts away the moment you step in.
I had an impromptu stop at Mumbai on Christmas Day a few years back and I wanted to get a special tattoo done. Sunny opened up his store, just for me, and gave me the best tattoo that I have on me.
If you want a great tattoo with a great tattoo experience, Aliens Tattoos is the way to go.

Shreya Kumawat

The best place to get inked. Loved my tattoo. High standards of sanitation maintained. Totally recommend this tattoo parlor if you are thinking of getting 1 done.

Siddharth Kapashi

Nice Place to get yourself inked. Keep up the good work Sunny. Wish you all the best. Hope you are also working on my next tattoo. See you soon.

Rohan Ghatge

Always had a brilliant experience with Sunny and the team. Consistently fantastic work.

Pedro Reis Silva

Sunny is totally awesome, the workshops are insane and i learned a lot new things, worth any cent.

Pinki Chhabra

Superbb ambience superb staff……..nd superbb work………..I got exactly the tattoo i wanted……v neat work…Three cheers for aliens….

Varsha Chavan

Got my first tattoo here… Amazing work n the staff are really friendly. They even suggest you very creative designs which will help u make ur tattoo even more lively

Priya Patel

The best place to get inked. Loved my tattoo. High standards of sanitation maintained. Totally recommend this tattoo parlour, if you are thinking of getting 1 done.

Ashna Dodeja

Amazing environment !
Friendly artist!
Amazing work !
Will just sum up by saying that yes it’s the right place to get a tatoo inked !





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